Barbara Chancey Design Group


From hourly consulting to turnkey solutions, our vast range of services includes business plans, branding, architecture/interiors, operations, training, and grand opening support. Clients enjoy access to the smartest minds in the boutique fitness industry, and we guide every step of your journey to avoid costly mistakes.

Specializing in fitness entertainment, we implement technologies previously only found in concert and entertainment venues to deliver illumination, sound, and projection environments that are seamless and unforgettable.

With a 0% failure rate internationally, Barbara Chancey Design Group is the global boutique fitness expert and the first to export entire studio contents to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean with successful, on-time delivery, training, and installation.
We deliver a higher standard of excellence so you can enjoy a higher level of success.
  • Business plans and investor presentations.
  • Brand identity including name, logo, typography, and messaging.
  • Access to financial lenders specific to boutique fitness.
STUdio design
  • Schematic floor plans and full architectural drawing set.
  • Interior design, finishes, and professional renderings.
  • Illumination, audio, and projection design with installation and technology integration.
  • Studio manager and instructor training.
  • Operations, website copy, grassroots marketing.
  • Network with independent owners worldwide for support.
  • Grand opening team onsite to prepare for the ribbon cutting.
equipment and supplies
  • Customized fitness equipment.
  • Merchandise display systems, clothing and accessories.
  • Locker room amenities.