Barbara Chancey Design Group


Our clients are ambitious fitness entrepreneurs who want to work with the best so they can be the best. They crave originality, attention to detail, communication, and results. They want a full-service firm that can guide them every step of the way to create a successful lifestyle brand—not just another place to work out.

Based in Dallas, Texas, we offer expertise in fitness startups, remodels, commercial, and residential projects. From hourly consulting to turnkey projects, a variety of services are available for fitness entrepreneurs.

Fitness Studio Clients include:

Triumph Studio, Indiana
Shine Cycle, Brunei
Shine X, Brunei
Qure, Utah
Cyclone, Qatar
Beyond, Nigeria
Reform Cycling & Strength, Kenya
Turn Studio, Georgia
Square Code, Virginia
Zoom, Virginia
Ryde Cayman, Cayman Island
Core Fitness, Rhode Island
Ride Element, Florida
Rise31, Florida
City Cycle, Washington
Ride Culture, Washington
Rebel Ride, New York
ALTR, Minnesota,
Roam, Malaysia
Exhale Beirut, Lebanon
Just Ride, California
Chrome Cycle Studio, California
The Society, California
True Ride, California
Pure, California
Full Psycle, California
Dig, California
Hustle Studios, Texas
Tight Lagree, Texas
Sculpthouse, Texas
Love Cycle, Texas
Ryde, Texas

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