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A trusted voice and respected pioneer in the boutique fitness industry, Barbara has guided over 200 successful studio and gym owners across the globe. Her rich knowledge and two decades of real-world experience combine to deliver excellence in design, branding, and operations.

She launched the niche business in 2009 out of necessity. Frustrated by the condition of the big box gym where she taught indoor cycling, Barbara offered the owner a deal: She’d remodel the studio to create a boutique experience, and if membership didn’t grow by 30 percent in one year, she’d cover her own out-of-pocket expenses.

Armed with a nail gun, table saw, and gallons of donated paint, she worked late at night after the gym closed to create a mind-boggling transformation. Within six months, every bike was waitlisted, and club membership doubled. Fueled by success, she began bartering and donating services through word of mouth, connecting with such clients as the U.S. Army, a Caribbean resort, universities, and a former U.S. President. Chancey honed her skills while experimenting with grassroots marketing, charity events, illumination techniques, and instructor showmanship skills.

As the boutique fitness phenomenon took off, so did her business. From HITT and boxing to yoga, Lagree, and indoor cycling, Barbara’s team of experts understand the importance of detail and the powerful impact it has on a studio’s success. Today, Barbara Chancey Design Group is the leading boutique fitness full-service firm, and clients are a part of a family of independent studio owners worldwide.

Barbara is a conference presenter, columnist, podcast personality, and the visionary behind many of the world's most beautiful and successful fitness destinations.

Douglas Frey
Design Principal

An international expert in the design of fitness studios, Doug Frey has earned the reputation as one of the most highly regarded and well-respected architects practicing in this arena. He has been providing full-service architecture for socially based, award-winning fitness destinations across the globe for nearly two decades, and his deep understanding of this niche industry brings value-added design knowledge to all projects.

From residential and hotel fitness to boutique studios and gyms, Doug draws on his diverse knowledge to bring a fresh set of ideas to solve design challenges unique to fitness environments. He collaborates closely with clients and listens attentively to their needs, adapting projects to fit within the limitations that each building space may impose.

Based in Austin, Texas, Doug is the founder and owner of Frey Architects. He has led the design of a wide variety of public and private projects including schools, restaurants, wellness centers and luxury residential projects.
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